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Before Meds / After Meds

Complementary and Alternative Medicine
for Anxiety and Depression

Before Meds / After Meds: Complementary and Alternative Medicine for Anxiety and Depression (Front Cover)Pharmaceuticals can do wonders.

But like all of us they have issues.

In this work Law offers an owner's manual for the brain informed by the ideas of Complementary and Alternative Medicine. These tools can be effective, empowering support for any psychotherapeutic process (but no substitute for therapy itself.)

First Law walks the self-care newcomer through the basics of holistic medicine. Each medical system views the body through its own prism and while conventional medicine is a powerful tool it's a given that other medical systems must be approached with respect if we're going to make successful use of them. The importance of learning the teaching of one's disease does not imply we've caused them. Guilt has no place in this equation. But if we're going to help ourselves we need to learn connections between our daily habits and our medical issues and get to work on them.


The world of holistic health is made for self-care because many of the tools are non-toxic and relatively safe compared to pharmaceuticals. Still, it's good to know what one is doing. Law explains how pillars of alternative medicine like micronutrients, amino acids, acupuncture, aromatherapy, homeopathy and more actually work. Law leverages his three decades of clinical experience and years as a performer to make otherwise-dense material dance.

If you've ever wondered whether you can find emotional balance without medication and side effects, this book will open fresh doors of understanding while giving you new tools to create and maintain a flexible inner peace.