There's A Powerful
Mood-Lifting Pharmacy
In Every Health Food Store ...

... if we just learn how to use it.


My passion is making it easy to understand how the body and brain work, why things go wrong and what any of us can do about it.

Modern food is very different than the food our bodies have relied on for most of human history.

New research now indicates that a chronic, low-grade inflammation set in motion by dietary habits common today can set the stage for anxiety, depression, mood swings and Alzheimer's Disease.

But it's not just our food. Modern life is incredibly stressful. Stress itself ages us, primes us for disease, makes it harder to succeed and ruins our important relationships.

Many think of therapy or pharmaceuticals when they're anxious or depressed. But many others either can't afford them or fear side effects. Fortunately there's a wide range of safe, inexpensive and effective mood-boosting alternatives anyone can learn to use.

Duane Law's new book, Before Meds After Meds: Complementary and Alternative Medicine for Anxiety and Depression is an owner's manual for the brain. It explains how modern diets contribute to stress and why stress creates anxiety and depression. Law then introduces a wide range of inexpensive mood-lifting tools and techniques drawn from the world of orthomolecular nutrition and alternative medicine.